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Matchers allows you to check if a element content matches your expectation.

For example you can check if a value has a specified pattern or if a button is clickable.

Using matcher is very straightforward, for example: f:isClickable.

Matchers can be used in most of the steps related to checking content (with exception of checking form values).

Kakunin comes with a set of built in matchers:

Visibility matcher

f:isVisible - checks if element is visible (must be in viewport and cannot be hidden behind any other element)

Invisibility matcher

f:isNotVisible - checks if element is not visible

Present matcher

f:isPresent - checks if element is in html code (does not have to be visible)

Clickable matcher

f:isClickable - checks if element is clickable

Not clickable matcher

f:isNotClickable - checks if element is not clickable

Attribute matcher

attribute:attributeName:regexName - allows to check if element has attribute with a name specified by attributeName and it has to have a format passing regexName

For example, if there is an element:

<p custom-attribute="123123">some value</p>

you can check if attribute is an number by running: attribute:custom-attribute:number

Regex matcher

r:regexName - allows you to run a regexName against a text value of element

Regexes have to be specified inside regex directory or be a kakunin built ones:

notEmpty - there must be a value number - must be a number

You can add your own matchers. In order to do so please read Extending Kakunin section.

Text matcher

t:text you are looking for - allows you to check if an element contains a expected text

Current date matcher

f:currentDate:{format} - allows you to generate current date, {format} is optional, by default DD-MM-YYYY