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Performance testing is possible thanks to browsermob-proxy.

It saves all data from network tab (Google Chrome console) which is generated during the test.

There is a possibility to compare TTFB value with a maximum given one.

TTFB (Time to first byte) measures the duration from the client making an HTTP request to the first byte of a response being received by the client's browser.

More details can be found in documentation - Built-in steps section.

What needs to be done?

Get started

  1. Download browsermob-proxy from

  2. Navigate in terminal to the catalog

  3. Use following command to start the REST API

./browsermob-proxy -port 8887


  1. Add browsermob-proxy configuration to kakunin.conf.js

You can use one of the following methods to configure browsermob-proxy:

  • npm run kakunin init -- --advanced and go through the process

  • or add it manually to the config file:

    "browserMob": {
      "serverPort": 8887,
      "port": 8888,
      "host": "localhost"

Run tests

  1. performance steps must be used in the scenario where you are testing performance

  2. Scenario must have a tag @performance

  3. Run tests with special parameter:

npm run kakunin -- --performance


  1. .har files are saved in catalog reports/performance/*.har