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Getting started

About Babelsheet

Babelsheet node service allows you to translate all of the UI / app content to specific language. As a user interface we use google spreadsheets and translations are synchronised every 5 minutes by default. This service contains a scheduler to synchronise translations, a web server allowing you to fetch them, and a CLI tools which can generate translations in various formats. What's more there is a cache layer for better performance. Babelsheet supports formats:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • json
  • yml
  • xlf

No more dealing with complicated paid translation services or problems with multiple users working at the same time!

To run CLI

  1. Create configuration file.
  2. npm i -g babelsheet
  3. babelsheet generate

To run API

  1. Create configuration file.
  2. Create docker-compose.yml.
  3. docker-compose up