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Set refresh token read providers

You can set order of BABELSHEET_REFRESH_TOKEN providers in /src/services/producer/container.ts for producer, and in /src/services/cli/container.ts for CLI tool:

  readProviders: [

First .env.babelsheet file will be checked does it contain BABELSHEET_REFRESH_TOKEN, if not, next data.json file will be checked, and the last one will be redis storage. Feel free to change order of those providers, or creating new ones.

Set refresh token write provider

You can set BABELSHEET_REFRESH_TOKEN write provider in /src/services/cli/container.ts for CLI tool, and in /src/services/producer/container.ts for producer. Notice that producer will only have ability to save BABELSHEET_REFRESH_TOKEN when you run it locally, not in docker container - browser window will be opened automatically.

writeProvider: container.resolve<InEnvStorage>('inEnvStorage'),

You can change it to one of those three storages:




Feel free to add new providers.

Change translations storage from redis to file

Service is implemented to use redis as cache storage but can use another database or even in memory cache as well. There are various implementations in src/infrastracture/storage. For fast production use it is recommended to use redis, but for local development and debugging in memory implementation can be used. There are some other implementations available now, like inFileStorage. In order to change translations storage in file:

  1. Open /src/services/producer/container.ts and change:

    storage: awilix.asClass(InRedisStorage) to:

    storage: awilix.asClass(InFileStorage)

  2. Open /src/services/api/container.ts and change:

    storage: awilix.asClass(InFileStorage) to:

    fileRepository: awilix.asClass(FileRepository, { lifetime: awilix.Lifetime.SINGLETON }), storage: awilix.asClass(InFileStorage)

Producer will now save to data.json file, and API will read from that file as well.


npm run test - runs tests and generates coverage report
npm run test-watch - runs tests continuously and watches for changes
npm run format - formats code using prettier
npm run type-check - runs typescript checks
npm run build - compiles typescript
npm run lint - runs typescript linter
npm run lint-fix - runs typescript linter and fixes some common mistakes
npm run nsp - runs security check
npm run start-producer - runs redis producer
npm run start-api - runs api